Thursday, September 3, 2020

Durham Speed Cameras

Next Week, September 8th 2020,
Durham Cameras are active!
Red Light intersection
Ritson Road at Bond Street - Oshawa
Lake Ridge Road at Goodwood Road - Scugog/Uxbridge
Taunton Road at Lake Ridge Road - Whitby/Ajax
Stevenson Road at King Street - Oshawa
Simcoe Street at Conlin Road - Oshawa
Simcoe Street at Rossland Road - Oshawa
Taunton Road at Altona Road - Pickering
Liverpool Road at Bayly Street - Pickering
Salem Road at Bayly Street - Ajax
Thickson Road at Dundas Street - Whitby
Regional Highway 2 at Courtice Road - Clarington
Westney Road at Delaney Drive/Magill Drive– Ajax

School Zones:Now I know you don't speed in school zones
St. Issac Jogues Catholic School – Pickering (Finch Avenue)
Brock High School – Brock (Cameron Street)

Community Safety Zones:
St. Mary High School – Pickering (Whites Road)
Beaverton Downtown – Brock (Simcoe Street)
Claremont Public School – Pickering (Central Street)
Elizabeth B Phin Public School – Pickering (Altona Road)
Ajax High School – Ajax (Bayly Street East)
Sinclair Secondary School – Whitby (Taunton Road East)
Anderson Collegiate Vocational Institute – Whitby (Anderson Street)
Paul Dwyer High School – Oshawa (Rossland Road)
Adelaide McLaughlin Public School – Oshawa (Stevenson Road North)
St. Stephen's United Church – Oshawa (Simcoe Street North)
Ontario Tech University/Durham College – Oshawa (Simcoe Street North)
SJ Phillips Public School – Oshawa (Simcoe Street North)
Beau Valley Public School – Oshawa (Ritson Road North)
Vincent Massey Public School – Oshawa (Adelaide Avenue East)
Eastdale Collegiate Vocational Institute – Oshawa (Harmony Road)
Courtice Downtown – Clarington (Regional Highway 2)
Goodwood Community Centre – Uxbridge (Regional Highway 47)
Hamlet of Sandford – Uxbridge (Regional Road 11)
Bowmanville High School – Clarington (Liberty Street)
Sunderland Downtown – Brock (Regional Road 10)
Cannington Downtown – Brock (Cameron Street)

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Broken Telephone

How many people remember the game broken telephone?

I had a voice mail the other day and I could no hear very much at all. If 'Tim' at phone number '058' would call me back.

I'll return your call.