Thursday, September 3, 2020

Durham Speed Cameras

Next Week, September 8th 2020,
Durham Cameras are active!
Red Light intersection
Ritson Road at Bond Street - Oshawa
Lake Ridge Road at Goodwood Road - Scugog/Uxbridge
Taunton Road at Lake Ridge Road - Whitby/Ajax
Stevenson Road at King Street - Oshawa
Simcoe Street at Conlin Road - Oshawa
Simcoe Street at Rossland Road - Oshawa
Taunton Road at Altona Road - Pickering
Liverpool Road at Bayly Street - Pickering
Salem Road at Bayly Street - Ajax
Thickson Road at Dundas Street - Whitby
Regional Highway 2 at Courtice Road - Clarington
Westney Road at Delaney Drive/Magill Drive– Ajax

School Zones:Now I know you don't speed in school zones
St. Issac Jogues Catholic School – Pickering (Finch Avenue)
Brock High School – Brock (Cameron Street)

Community Safety Zones:
St. Mary High School – Pickering (Whites Road)
Beaverton Downtown – Brock (Simcoe Street)
Claremont Public School – Pickering (Central Street)
Elizabeth B Phin Public School – Pickering (Altona Road)
Ajax High School – Ajax (Bayly Street East)
Sinclair Secondary School – Whitby (Taunton Road East)
Anderson Collegiate Vocational Institute – Whitby (Anderson Street)
Paul Dwyer High School – Oshawa (Rossland Road)
Adelaide McLaughlin Public School – Oshawa (Stevenson Road North)
St. Stephen's United Church – Oshawa (Simcoe Street North)
Ontario Tech University/Durham College – Oshawa (Simcoe Street North)
SJ Phillips Public School – Oshawa (Simcoe Street North)
Beau Valley Public School – Oshawa (Ritson Road North)
Vincent Massey Public School – Oshawa (Adelaide Avenue East)
Eastdale Collegiate Vocational Institute – Oshawa (Harmony Road)
Courtice Downtown – Clarington (Regional Highway 2)
Goodwood Community Centre – Uxbridge (Regional Highway 47)
Hamlet of Sandford – Uxbridge (Regional Road 11)
Bowmanville High School – Clarington (Liberty Street)
Sunderland Downtown – Brock (Regional Road 10)
Cannington Downtown – Brock (Cameron Street)

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Broken Telephone

How many people remember the game broken telephone?

I had a voice mail the other day and I could no hear very much at all. If 'Tim' at phone number '058' would call me back.

I'll return your call.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Oldest VW Beetle in the world

Ultra rare 1939 Volkswagen Beetle, chassis #1-00003 was fully restored this year! (2019) VW39 is a pre-production series Volkswagen with an estimated value of $ 1,000,000.00 it the last of 14 prototypes made and is a piece of Porsche and Volkswagen history. The restoration was carried out by The Prototyp - Personen.Kraft.Wagen museum in Hamburg, after two years of work.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hand painted parking signs

I was resonantly contacted to replicate a sign painted by the late Dave Connery, RIP. I can't remember the last time I used my air brush and it was fun to use it again.
The majority of the sign is all hand painted the boarder, letters and old GMC are all hand painted and some custom mixed colors to match the original sign, with highlights done using an air brush. I painted the signs one color/element each night in assembly line fashion getting faster each night, the finish photo below is out in the garage as that's where I air brushed the highlights on the hand painted signs.

Reflecting on the project a lot of time was wasted setup and taring down each night as it was just to cold to paint in the garage and not having dedicated studio has me hunting around for things like an hour long search for the air brush...